Research & Development

At Celestial Biolabs we aim to foster a culture of building fair, effective, and mutually beneficial winning collaborations. The importance that we place on building winning collaborations is evidenced partly by the early and substantial involvement of senior research scientist working together with the government research institute. In this way, we achieve quick decision-making and the allocation of necessary resources to achieve quick success. We are open for product in/out-licensing, co-development agreements, technology licenses, strategic alliance's joint venture and acquisitions ?that are collectively enabling Celestial Biolabs and its R & D mentors for better tomorrow.

Celestial Biolabs is an innovation-driven company. 15% of our workforce work in R&D, and annually we spend more 10 to 15% of revenue on R&D. Apart from providing quality and affordable medicine to the global healthcare system, focus on R&D is a key value driver at Celestial Biolabs. We recognise the importance of developing knowledge-intensive businesses as drivers of future growth. The focus is to ensure continuous development of our existing product portfolio while expanding the use of our technology by developing new concepts for new applications. Furthermore, we devote a significant part of our resources to long-term radical innovation in order to ensure our long-term growth.

Our R&D Centre located in Hyderabad is DSIR (Department of Scientific and Industrial Research) certified and equipped with sophisticated analytical and chemical laboratory equipment, supported by a good technical infrastructure for discovering and developing new drugs. Our scientific personnel comprise scientists across the entire spectrum of R&D and analytical research, working in various areas of drug discovery and development. We strive to introduce 2 new products/concepts a year. We currently hold more than 20 granted or pending patents.

1. 8 no of IPR for the different IT/Bio-Informatic tools have been approved and awarded in favour of the company package tools have been approved under copy rights act.

2. The patent for New Drug Molecules applicable for Vitiligo, accelerated wound healing, Anti wrinkles and Skin tanning have been filed at patent office in India.

3.12 Patent of Herbal formulations has been filed at patent office in India & approval is in progress.