O-Kof (Syrup)  

Cough is among the most common complaints for which patients worldwide seek medical attention. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease is predicted to become the third leading cause of death worldwide by 2030.The evaluation and treatment of cough result in tremendous financial expenditure and consumption of health care resources. Yet, despite the clinical significance of cough, research efforts aimed at improving diagnostic capabilities and developing more effective therapeutic agents have been, to date, disappointing in their limited scope and outcomes.

Many of the currently marketed cough suppressants available in the market like Codeine, Ephedrine, Bromohexine, Guaifensesin etc, produce significant depression, drowsiness and addiction which makes their use unsatisfactory, hence looking beyond synthetic preparations, Celestial’s O-kof is research based proven herbal formula for cough of varied aetiology. This formulation is natural, containing select herbs for the complete respiratory system. O-kof gives very good relief in both acute and chronic cough. It clears air passage, removes congestion and it relieves sore throat, and rhinitis.


Product concept:
OKOF is an ideal combination of potent herbal extracts at optimum therapeutic dosage which synergistically clears the respiratory tract and checks the viral and bacterial infection.  It provides prompt and long lasting relief from cough with expectorant, mucolytic & demulcent actions.

Product Benefits:
Relieves airflow obstruction and swelling by ant-inflammatory and antihistaminic action, thereby facilitating comfortable breathing,
Mucolytic and expectorant action releases mucus from bronchial tree.
Prompt symptomatic relief from irritated mucosa
Anti-histaminic action without sedation, drowsiness and dryness of mouth

For all kinds of Cough & Allergic Disorders
Adjuvant therapy in cough associated with
Lower Respiratory Tract Infections
Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
Mild to moderate Bronchial and allergic Asthma, COPD

1 - 2 Teaspoonful OKOF syrup three times a day OR Please consult the Doctor to prescribe the dosage that best suits your condition.

Side effects:
OKOF is not known to have any side effects if taken as per the prescribed dosage.

Available in 100 ml attractive PET bottle

The information on this page is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. Do not use this information to diagnose or treat your problem without consulting your doctor.